About Me

When she was thirteen, Elle Drumheller discovered a manual Royal typewriter in her grandmother's closet. As an avid Stephen King fan, she naturally had to have it. Though she began writing soon after, she remained a "closeted" writer for some time.

Elle attended the University of North Carolina, graduating with degrees in Exercise and Sport Science and Spanish (after spending six wonderful months galavanting around Spain). She spent most of her undergrad career hiding in the library, miserable in the way only a pre-med student truly understands. 

Upon graduating, she flew under the radar--working in a Typical Office Setting during the day and writing by night. Her parents were not enthused when she decided to leave the closet and her job to pursue her writing dreams. After a sadly brief year wandering the mountains of Western North Carolina in Asheville, she has moved to the beach where she is an MFA candidate for Fiction at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

She may not sleep much, but she is incredibly happy.

Elle is a distance runner, owner of a needy rescue greyhound named Boo (as in Boo Radley), and her kyroptonite is Organic Chemistry. If she never has to hear the word "retrosynthesis" again, she will die happy. 

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